Catholic Charities of Arizona Community Services is corrupt and violates federal labor laws!

They are a bunch of self-serving, greedy monsters. They force their employees to work overtime, without pay. They constantly play games AND abuse DISABLED EMPLOYEES. If you are injured on the job, and go to a doctor for a Worker's Comp claim, THEY WILL FIRE YOU, without a valid reason. They all should be put out of business.

Brigid Wagner is an incompetent supervisor at Catholic Charities of Arizona Community Services, in Cottonwood, Arizona. She is especially vicious & evil. She lies, berates employees and is seriously mentally disturbed, by threatening employees.. She plays employees against other, plays favorites and acts like she is possessed by the devil.  She even has a satanic pentagram on her chest! See her photo...

Sandra, aka Sandi Flores, also a incompetent supervisor at Catholic Charities of Arizona Community Services, is reported to work out of their Flagstaff, Arizona Office. She is a real piece of work, herself. She lies, cheats and treats hard-working employees like crap. She continuously FALSIFIES reports to make employees look bad. Also a total witch.

These two women, along with their cooperative staff, are running the Catholic Charities of Arizona Community Services In-Home Program as if it were a correctional insitution, with back-stabbings, informers, punishments and illicit gifts, not given to everyone. Most of them appear very comfortable in their roles, as if they had prior experience in the prison system, with tattoos, broken noses and piercings.

The In-Home Program's business itself is run like The Sopranos. There are no written procedures, so most verbal instructions leave NO PAPER TRAIL. Their precious "Contract" with CPS (that's right, the Old Arizona Child Protection Agency that was SHUT DOWN for losing foster children), is about 7 years old. There appears to be no written contract with the new DCS department. Again, no paper trail? What are they all hiding?

They are simply providing mis-direction for Arizona's Department of Child Safety (DCS) clients. While they pretend to help their clients, DCS is working to REMOVE THEIR CHILDREN, WITHOUT NOTICE. Read More...

All the while, the dirty employees at Catholic Charities of Arizona Community Services In-Home Program, will LIE ABOUT THE PARENTS (MAKING THEM LOOK BAD) AND ASSIST IN Arizona's Department of Child Safety (DCS) STEALING THEIR CHILDREN, all with the knowledge and support of the corrupt supervisors at Catholic Charities, Brigid Wagner & Sandra Flores.

Catholic Charities of Arizona Community Services In-Home Program goes so far as to help DCS steal the children and then TERMINATES counseling for the distressed and in some cases SUICIDAL parents. They simply don't care if they DAMAGE THESE INNOCENT CHILDREN FOR LIFE.

When the management of Catholic Charities of Arizona was notified repeatedly, about these sick women, THEY DID NOTHING! Catholic Charities of Arizona makes a FORTUNE ($$ thousands) billing DCS for their "dirty work" and then pretends that they have no money for their over-worked and under-paid employees.

From their do-nothing President, Paul Mulligan, a stooge whose assistant Rosie Esquivias keeps him out of the loop on purpose, through their screwed-up management team of menopausal, man-hating wrinkled old hags with bad teeth, they have NO ETHICS OR ACCOUNTABILITY.

They are in violation of EVERY Health Information Privacy (HIPAA) Regulation, illegally disclosing client's medical information and personal substance-abuse history. Catholic Charities of Arizona routinely VIOLATES LABOR LAWS, OVERTIME PAY LAWS and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Section 12112 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) deals with Discrimination and the violation of not making reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability who is an employee.

Additionally, Sec. 12203 of the ADA deals with prohibition against retaliation and coercion, when an employee files a complaint with the Department of Justice and/or the EEOC.

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